Grand Canyon - Havasupi Falls
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Below is a listing of images and standard GIF images of our backpacking trip into the western end of the Grand Canyon at the Havasupi Falls campground. The hike in is approximately 10 miles through open desert-like country. The Havasupi river runs emerald green until it reaches the Colorado river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. There are several falls located here, the most prominent are the Havasupi and Moony Falls.
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The Havasupi River on its way to the Colorado River


  1. Havasupi Falls - Was a single fall on our first visit, but the river bed has divided and the fall broken into two parts.
  2. Moony Falls - The second large fall is Moony Falls reached by a 70' climb down a vertical cliff face
  3. Moony Cliff Trail - The trail up or down is almost vertical with tunnel and chains to assist the viewers.


  4. Moony Falls - The sand cliff can be seen in this view of Moony Falls
  5. Trail Start - The trail to Havasupi starts with a steep hike down the canyon wall. Then it's a 10 mile hike across the mountain valley and the dessert. The temperature may be in the high 90's.


  6. Havasupi River - The river has many minature falls and rapids on its journey down to the Colorado River


  7. River Hole - The Havasupi have many water holes for swimming and playing


  8. Moony Cliff - The sand cliff are formed by deposit as the water runs off the cliff top and sandstone is gradually deposit on top of each other.


  9. Colorado River - The Colorado River can be reached by another 5 miles hike along the canyon wall of the Havasupi River.

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