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Below is a listing of images and standard GIF images of our visit to Grand Teton/ National Park in August of 2002. The trek began at the Jenny Lake Ferry, which we used to cross the lake (save about 2.5 miles of hiking). The climb is steep to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, and the trail continues this steep ascent for the first mile, then transition to a gradual ascent along the cascading stream. The trail is very woody, and we met a moose that was only 10 yards off the trail. The steep canyon walls give many outstanding views after another almost all the way to Lake Solitude. We had to take the South Cascade Canyon trail and camp out in the South Cascade Camping Zone because the North Cascade sites were fully booked. We continue up the South trail for about 2 miles to the beginning of the Camping Zone. The site we selected was very good, with water close by, and a good view of the mountain peaks.

The next morning we headed back down the South Canyon paralleling the stream, and began the trek up the North Canyon Trail. From the trail junction, it is a gradual 2.7 mile climb to 9,035-foot Lake Solitude. This part of the trail breaks away from the wooded forest into meadows of wildflowers along the stream. We could see many small water falls in the canyon walls. Granite walls surround Lake solitude on two sides and on the north side by Paintbrush Divide. The climb up Paintbrush Divide is a long 4 legs switchback that climbs from 9035 to 10,700 feet. It took me almost two hours for this climb.

The decent on the North side is harder with loose rocks and very steep steps. We crossed one snow bank on our decent to Holly Lake. We were disappointed with the condition of the campsites on the lower side of Holly. After debating whether to go back up to the upper end of the camping zone, we opted out to hike the additional 7 miles back down to Jenny Lake to our pickup spot at Jenny Lake Lodge. So on this day, we make a 17-mile hike with full packs, but still enjoyed the views, the previous night camping and the wildlife we saw on the trail.

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  1. The Teton - A grand view of the 02Teton

  2. Trail Map - TOPO map showing the Trek we took. Started at lower Jenny Lake.
  3. String Lake Trail - Carol and Jade checking out the pick up point along String Lake Trail
  4. Jenny Lake Visitor Center - Phil, Justin, Jin and Jason, Packed and ready to start
  5. Hidden Falls - A sharp climb up from the dock landing brings you to a grand water fall
  6. Jenny Lake - a view of Jenny Lake early in the morning as we climb up past Inspiration Point

  7. Greeting - a ground squirrel checks out all the noise so early in the morning.
  8. Greeting - A moose takes time from eating to give us an early morning "Welcome"
  9. North - South Trail Junction - Trail marker with distance to go
  10. North - South Trail Junction - A brief rest break on the trail
  11. South Cascade Canyon - - The trails follows along side a cascading streams down the canyon

  12. Mountain Range - A view of one of the many mountain stream and water falls cascading down the canyon wall.
  13. Grand Teton Range - A view of the Teton range looking North from the South Cascade trail
  14. To the Sky - The peaks surrounded by clouds
  15. Cascading Stream - One of the many cascading stream rushing down the canyon wall
  16. Cascading Stream - A closer look at one of the falls
  17. Campsite - Setting up camp in the South Cascade Canyon
  18. South Cascade Canyon - A view of South Cascade Canyon peaks from the North Cascade trail
  19. North Cascade Canyon - Looking up the trail toward Lake Solitude with Paintbrush Divide on the right side. Note the transition from forest to meadows
  20. Decision Time - Deciding to eat lunch now or after the climb up Paintbrush Divide
  21. Lake Solitude - Elevation 9035

  22. Paintbrush Divide - About a 1/3 of the way up, looking back down on Lake Solitude
  23. Paintbrush Divide - About 2/3 of the way up, note the hikers on the trail near the center of the picture
  24. Paintbrush Divide - Jason still pumping away, about 2/3 of the way up
  25. At the top - Taking a break after the long climb up
  26. At the top - Jin enjoying the view from the top of the divide

  27. Paintbrush Canyon - The view of the peaks on the North side of Paintbrush Divide

  28. Paintbrush Crossing - The trail as it crosses over
  29. Snow Packs - Snow remains all year round on the mountain tops.
  30. Official Marker - Proof that we made it
  31. North Side - A view of the trail down on the North side of the divide.
  32. Paintbrush Divide - A view of Jason passing the official marker on Paintbrush Divide

  33. Rock Slide Area - A closeup view of the trail as it cross a rock slide area
  34. North Side Paintbrush Divide - A view of the South slope of Paintbrush divide and the tail below
  35. Paintbrush Divide Decent Trail - Jason carefully making his down through loose rocks
  36. Paintbrush Divide Decent Trail - A view of the trail from below. You can just see Jason on the trail at the center of the picture.
  37. The Decent - Phil making his way down the loose gravels which the trail crosses.

  38. Snow Bank - Snow is present all year round on the North facing slopes.
  39. Paintbrush Divide View - A view toward the Northeast of the mountain range from Paintbrush Divide
  40. Upper View Paintbrush - A view of Paintbrush canyon from the headwater
  41. Paintbrush Canyon - A view of Leigh and Jackson Lake from the Paintbrush Trail

  42. Resupply - Phil and Jason filtering water
  43. Fresh Fruit - Justin picking native huckaberry from the bush.
  44. Trail End - Justin feeling the affect of the 17-miles trek out.
  45. Trail End - Jin showing no affect from the quick-time march out.

    Other activities and scenes from the Tetons.

  46. Bald Eagle - A Bald Eagle resting in a tree as we raft down the Snake River
  47. Bull Bison - A bull bison seen at the wedding rehersal site
  48. Snake River - A view of the Grand Tetons from the raft on the Snake River
  49. Snake River - Relaxing on the Snake River

  50. Alpine Slide - Jin looks like he is enjoying the ride down the slide. This is a run before he fell off the sled.
  51. Alpine Slide - Phil and Jade in their close race down the hill
  52. Alpine Slide - Jason and Justine on their leg
  53. Group Picture - The gang posing for a group picture
  54. Bears - Which ones are wooden dummy????


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