August 2003
American River Rafting
Photo Gallery

Below is a listing of images and standard GIF images of our rafting outting on the American River Parkway near Sacramento in August of 2003. The group count was around fifty people of various age. I was not able to take pictures of the many water fights and battles that took place along the way. (I'm dumb, but not that dumb to risk a camera under the heavy deluge of water.:-D Everyone out on the river were out to have fun and every raft we came upon was prepare to do battle. The weather was perfect, the water was nice, and the current was fast enough so we didn't have to paddle too hard.
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  1. Launch Prep - Hey! Who picked up my towel? Where's my water shoe? Anyone seen my water bucket???
  2. Launch Prep - How come they won't invite me over??? :-(
  3. launch Prep - Once we're out there, this is what we gona do.
  4. Launch Prep - Is everyone ready!!!! :-D
  5. AWAY ALL BOATS!!! - Which end do I stick in the water??? Do I have to paddle????

  6. Battle Formation - We got enough water guns and cannons to take any group on!!!
  7. Break Time - This was better than taking a shower!!!
  8. This is Hard Work - How come noone told us that we had to make a left turn after the rapid?? Now we got to walk the boats back upstream.
  9. Half-Time - A brief rest break on the river
  10. Game Plan - The left side has to throw water faster while the right side paddle closer.

  11. Pool Side - After a tough day on the river, what's better than a beer and a poolside BBQ to wind down. The herd gathering for the final ritual.


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