Pt Reyes
Backpacking - June 2002
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Below is a listing of images and standard GIF images of our backpacking trip along the Coast Trail in Point Reyes National Park. Point Reyes National Seashores is one of the greatest outdoor destinations in the Bay Area. Our trip started off near the youth hostel just off of Limantour Rd. The first night was spent at Coast camp. After a hot breakfast, we headed off for Sculptured Beach and Arch Rock. Many day hikers make the long hike to the Arch, but many do not realize that the Arch is beneath them. They look at the ocean and coastline view from the top of the Arch, never taking the time to climb down to the beach to see the Arch beneath them.
As we neared our second campsite at Wild Cat, we came upon a mountain lion or bobcat. We were lucky that the cat decided to run off, as the lead hikers did not take precaution and back off. The ocean breeze were horrific at both Coast and Wild Cat, making meal preparation difficult. The best part of the trip was the side visit to Alamere Falls. There is a little known spur trail off of the Coast Trail that will take you to the upper falls. To reach the main lower falls, you have to hike the beach from Wild Cat campground (1.5 mile each way). The upper falls consists of several falls and it's a great view from the top of the main fall down to the beach. At the bottom of this main fall was a small whale decomposing. The Coast trail takes you by many scenic viewpoints and several lakes.
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Planning Sidebar Amusing insight in planning for first time backpackers. Throw out everything you know about packing light and traveling fast!!!

  1. Pt Ryes Map - Southern District - Map of the area we backpacked in. We started at the Youth Hostel at the upper left, follow the Coast Trail along the coast line to Palomarin trailhead at the lower right on the map
  2. Hostel Trailhead - Lined up and ready to go!!
  3. Coast Camp - Cooking a hot meal for our first breakfast.
  4. Coast Camp - Sampling the cooking
  5. Coast Camp - Packed and ready to start the day!!

  6. Sculptured Beach - Some of the rock formation formed by the sea.
  7. Sculptured Beach - The view to the South.
  8. Sculptured Beach - Central View - notice the knife -like rock formations.
  9. Sculptured Beach - The view to the North, with a sea tunnel in the background.
  10. Sculptured Beach - Our lady hikers posing for a Kodak moment.

  11. Arch Rock - The climb to the Arch requires a lot of up and down climbing.
  12. Arch Rock - A view through the Arch.
  13. Arch Rock - Sea caves located on both side of the Arch.
  14. Arch Rock - Jin exploring the caves while avoiding the tide.
  15. Arch Rock - The guys exploring one of the larger cave.

  16. Wild Cat Trail - A view to the north on the Wild Cat Trail.
  17. Wild Cat Trail - Resting at a high point on the trail.
  18. Wild Cat Trail - Heading toward the next campsite in the far...far... distance.
  19. Mountain Lion - You can see Vera coming around the bend with the cat on the trail.
  20. Mountain Lion - The cat decides to make tracks out of there.

  21. Mountain Lion - Vera and Phil hiking with the "What me worry" attitude. The cat is on the run.
  22. Wild Cat Camp - Phil thinking he could have taken that cat. (He's the one laying down.)
  23. Wild Cat Beach - Vera and David stomping the fish :-D. J/K!!!
  24. Wild Cat Trail - Jin looking rested after climbing the hill.
  25. Alamere Falls - Looking at Alamere Falls from the Ocean. The falls can be reached from the beach from the left starting at Wildcat Camp

  26. Alamere Falls - The first set of falls in the upper region.
  27. Alamere Falls - Some of the lower falls.
  28. Alamere Falls - Moby Dick met his fate at the bottom of the falls.
  29. Alamere Falls - A Kodak picture moment at the falls.
  30. Alamere Falls - More falls.

  31. Alamere Falls - You mean we have to climb back up.
  32. Last Leg - Only a few more miles to go, Vanessa cheering me up to keep going - Ha! Yeah-Right!!
  33. Trail End - At last, After 20 miles of hiking, time for a In & Out Burger.


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