Hawaii Dec 2001
Photo Gallery

Below is a listing of images and standard GIF images of our trip to Hawaii over the Christmas Holidays. The pictures are scenes from the mountain range overlooking Sandy Beach near Hawaii Kai. On the top of these mountain ranges are old WWII pillboxes. Next are two views of trails up the side of KoKo Crater. One is hidden on the backside of the volcano and can only be reached by crossing over private properties. It is the old cable rail line that carried troops to the top during WWII. The other trail is more difficult and can be reached by crossing over the highway from the parking lot at the Halona Blowhole Lookout. This is a steep and difficult climb that takes you to the rim of the crater. From this point on the rim, you can hike the rim to the top. Along the way, cross over triangular rock stack and balanced rock. It is about a third of a mile more to the top. From the top, there is a great view of Honolulu to the East and of Hawaii Kai below.

Next are pictures of the trails to Manoa Falls, which is located a few miles north of downtown. Following are pictures of the BIG waves on the North shores. The last pictures are of the Arizona Memorial taken from Ford Island and the battleship Missouri now berth at Ford Island. The last set of photos is of the battleship Utah which can only be accessed from Ford Island and is not normally seen by tourist.

By clicking on the images you will bring up a larger JPEG view of them.

  • The Hikers - Standing at the highest peak near the WWII fortifications above Sandy Beach. Rabbit Island in the background.
  • Picking our Way - Finding our way up the mountainside.
  • Another viewpoint - The lighthouse on the point.

  • KoKo Head - The hidden trail on the West side of KoKo Head.
  • Rail Trail - Outline of the remains of the track up the West side of the crater.
  • South Side of KoKo Head - A view of the south trail about a quarter of the way up. The trail is up and over the rock arch at the center of the picture.

  • South Trail - Jason and Justine on their way up the South Trail. Notice the natural rock arch ahead of them.
  • The Arch - Jason and Justin in the arch.
  • On the rim - Jin sitting at the top

  • View west - The view West from the southern rim approach

  • View west from the top - view of Hawaii Kai below and Honolulu in the background

  • Manoa Fall Trail - The trail through the rain forest to Manoa Fall.
  • Manoa Fall approach - View of the fall from the trail.
  • Bottom view of the fall - Manoa Fall from the base

  • USS Missouri - The USS Missouri berth at Ford Island.
  • Arizona Memorial - View of the Arizona Memorial from Ford island
  • Utah Memorial - Utah memorial on Ford Island. The only other ship still in the harbor. The Japanese attack came from direction seen in the background.
  • USS Utah - The remains of the Utah in Pearl Harbor.

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