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How not to come down!!!

Below is a listing of images and standard GIF images of Activities over the past year.

This is how it was: acre upon acre of rolling grassland. Farms were still, in many ways, open land. They offered shelterbelts, wood lots, patches of undeveloped wetland. Rivers were tamed, but not lined with concrete and turned into storm runoff channels like they are in the suburbs and cities.
But that is changing. Open farmland is going the way of the original prairie, and the few remaining patches of the native ecosystems are being leveled, paved and developed. Advocates of headlong development see it as their God-given right to pursue the American ideal of fast cash. Cheap land + tract housing + strip malls + no regulations = profit. This is their formula. One policy analyst recently summed it up: "Urban sprawl is not a monster to be is the natural evolution of free people pursuing peaceful ends at their shot at the American Dream."(1)
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  1. Whitewater - Fast action down the South Fork of the American river. Excellent scenery and a good ride
  2. Rock Climbing - It's easier on the vertical than on the steep slope which are smooth.
  3. Rapel - The fastest and best way down

  4. Lower Rockies - Great view on the trail before we reach our next campsite
  5. Shot Gun - 5 for 5 is not bad!!!
  6. Rapel - Another place - another time


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