Yosemite - Camping - The Fissures and Taft Point

September 2005
Yosemite Camping at North Pine
Fissures and Taft Point

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    The next morning, we head out to Taft Point and the Fissures, large splits in the side of the cliff that may go down as much as a thousand feet on the cliff's face at Taft Point. Read the information display about the Taft Point Trail and the Fissures . Also note the warning message at the bottom. (Again we ignored, but were very careful not to walk along the edge).

    Whiskey Gin convincing the group that it's going to be an easy hike.

    Again that Men thing about climbing the big rock along the way to show who's the Boss.

    We reached the first of the chasms, which is about 6 ft wide and a thousand feet down. It's hard to take a picture of how deep it is, because no one would dare go out to the outer edge on this one. The next photos show the chasm a little better.

    The photo shows Whiskey Gin out on the ledge looking down. The rocks surface in the center background is about a quarter a mile away, yet it appears to be only 10 yards back. The cracks which were originally very narrow are wideing, as if the mountain are spliting apart.

    Photos or Rodger and Ram crawling out to the edge for a view.

    This is a picture straight down, but without some known object to give a comparison of size and depth, it is hard to visualize that the bottom is over several thousand feet down. The next photo has Whiskey Gin crawling out to the edge of one of them for a look at how far down it goes. Next is a series of pictures showing us looking down at the crack. The last photo shows the most famous of the crack, which is about 18" wide, with several rocks caught in the crack.

    About 50 yards farther past the fissures, is Taft Point and the photos show s several views taken from the area.

    Each of the group tried their best to rearrange the scenery at Taft Point

    I wonder how we took this picture of Ram at the edge of the Chasm.

    Why does Whiskey Gin have to explain everything? Can't he just leave it to our imagination????

    What!!! It's that "Man thing again", except it's Kitty trying to find out why we do it. Kitty tells us what she thinks of it.

    Well - Did Mike enjoy it??? Or is he thinking about what's for lunch????

Link to Part 1 - North Pine and Bridalveil Fall Pictures

Link to Part 2 - Mariposa Grove and Glacier Point Pictures


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