Yosemite - Camping - Bridalveil Fall

September 2005
Yosemite Camping at North Pines
Bridalveil Fall - Glacier Point - Mariposa Grove - Fissures - Taft Point

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    Scenes and various views of Yosemite upon our arrival - The valley below, El Capitan, Half Dome, Royal Arch. El Capitan A 3,000-foot monolith, is the largest exposed granite face in the world. Rock Climbers takes two days to scale its perpendicular face (and sleeping in hammocks suspended from pitons driven into the rock face at 1,800 feet above the valley floor). At night, you can see their tiny lights like fireflys glowing on the surface. This picture, taken by Mary, shows how El Capitan turns the linght into a gigantic sheet of gold plate.

    Various scenes from our campground in the North Pine Area. We had a doe visit us and walked past us about 10 yards away. A bear was reported in the camp ground at night, but we didn't hear or see any evidence of it present.

    Two SUV's doing their mating call. Wonder why Jin is so excited?

    Luxury accommodations for the guests. The larger tent is a two room Co-ed tent. The fire pit waiting for Mike to gather pine cones, and pay a large fine. Kenny wakes up and first thing he asks is where the hot breakfast. Then Kenny explains to his Dad, Mike, why he can't do any of the cooking. The big metal box is the infamous "Bear Box" to protect our food.

    For someone that suppose to be the chief guide, Jin looks a little puzzle on how to get enough food out of the little pill box to feed 8 people. Rodger trys to figure out if there's more food hidden somewhere.

    Various views from our camp site.

    Our visit to Bridalveil Fall. The fall as seen from the parking lot. The guys rush off to get there first. While the rest do their first photo op. Whiskey Gin points out the first of his many advice and warning, which were all ignored.

    Kitty decides to lead the way with an "I can find my way anywhere", while Ram decide to keep back.

    The gang at the end of the Vista for Bridalveil Fall. Note from here you cannot see the smaller hidden falls at the base.

    We consider the warning while we make up our mind whether or not to climb the rocks to the upper level of the base. It must have been a "let's do it" decision. But who is supposed to be helping who here???? Kenny showing how big some of the boulders are. Half way up, looking down at the group, there appears to be some hesitation now.

    But at the end, the group makes it to the lower falls which leads to a lot of photo ops. Notice the little whale picture in the middle of the falls????? Look carefully.

    Who said it was easier going down???? Look carefully and note the size of the people in the background.

    Did someone finally fall off a rock into a crack??? A final warning about not climbing up to the falls that we ignored.

Link to Part 2 - Mariposa Grove and Glacier Point Pictures

Link to Part 3 - The Fissures and Taft Point Pictures


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