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July 2004
Niagara Falls
Water, Water, Everywhere

During a weekend stay up in Toronto, I had a chance to spend a full day at Niagara Falls. The trip down is about 1.5 hrs from Toronto. As you approach the falls from a distance, the amount of water that is in the air is amazing. It feels like a light drizzle even up to a half-mile away. I started the visitation from the western end on the Canadian side. I parked at the upper level and took a two dollar (Can) ride down to the lower level. I crossed over to the Main Visitor Center which is a multi-level shopping arcade-restaurant complex. On the street across from Visitor Center is a small park. About a quarter mile east of the Visitor Center, starts the street shops and other minor parks. The next level above these are the Hotels. Several have open casino in them. Looking at the Niagara Falls area, It appear to be like the US-Mexican border. The fancy tourist area on the northern side, and the run-down area on the south side(US). I guess because of the currency difference, All the hotels and shopping arcade are being built on the Canadian side. It's not like the US side is really run-down, but the main shore-line is a state park, Supposedly the first one in the nation. The building during the border crossing are old (50 years), not run down, but just no tenants.
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    Above are several views as we descend down the tram on the Canadanian side toward the visitor center at the Western end of Niagara Falls. The white clouds are the water being tossed into the air from the impact of the water going over the falls.

    Various views of Niagara Falls. The tour boats are approaching the falls and cruise right next to the roaring rapids at the bottom of the falls.

    Walking the 4 miles to the American side along the River road. The lower level of many of the hotels opens up for the usual tourist shops across the street.

    A panoramic view of the Falls at a point mid-way between Niagara Falls and American Falls

    A view toward American Falls from the same viewpoint

    A walk along the Niagara Falls State Park on the US side after crossing the bridge. A path lead you right up to the base of American Falls which has a height of about 200 ft. Notice how close you can approach the base of the falls. At the top, you are right on the edge of the fall. In the distance you can see the bridge to Canada.

    Various shots of the rapids that feed Bridal Veil Fall and American Falls from Goat Island

    View of the Falls from Rainbow Bridge, the border crossing between the US and Canada. The shops are like a carnival scene on the Canadian side of the Falls.

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